Facebook’s secretly working on LOL — a meme hub meant to lure teens from Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok

Facebook hasn’t given up on attracting teens. After numerous failed products aimed at teens — including LOL, Facebook Watch, and IGTV — the company is now hard at work on LOL, a meme hub of sorts meant to win the hearts and minds of teens fleeing for greener pastures at TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. First […]

Netflix is reviving 'Unsolved Mysteries' with 'Stranger Things' producer

CBS Netflix is continuing its string of reboots by reviving Unsolved Mysteries, according to a report from Deadline. The streaming service is giving the greenlight to a 12-episode run of the true-crime and paranormal activity show. Shawn Levy, the executive producer of Stranger Things, will be overseeing the production. The Netflix run of Unsolved Mysteries […]

Spotify's rumored $100 music player is a great idea, thinks dumb person with cash to burn

Genius.Image:  rubberball / getty By Jack Morse2019-01-18 16:23:13 -0800 So you’ve got a $100 to spare. Maybe grandma included a crisp hundo in this year’s birthday card, or, hell, let’s just say you’re a brain genius who always has extra cash laying around. Yeah, let’s go with that.  The question is, just what are you […]

DNC says Russia tried to hack its servers again in November 2018

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) claimed today that Russian hackers tried to break into its servers in November 2018, shortly after the conclusion of the US midterm elections. Featured stories The claim was made in an updated complaint in a lawsuit the DNC filed in April 2018 against the Russian state, Russia’s military intelligence service […]

You Should Consider a Trackball Mouse

You’re used to using a mouse, and you probably last touched a trackball in middle school. However, there’s a middle ground that’s gone relatively unnoticed that’s worth trying: a modern trackball mouse. Most peripheral manufacturers gave up on making trackball mice a long time ago, but Logitech is still plugging away at it. Their flagship […]