Cramer Remix: There's 'incredible value' in the stock market right now

The stock market’s positive response to a report that U.S. officials were considering lifting tariffs on China to get a trade deal was telling, but it wasn’t necessarily good, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday. div > > p:first-child”> “Stocks that had been crushed on Chinese worries roared higher like this arrangement was already a […]

More streaming competition can negatively impact Netflix's multiple, Gene Munster says

Investors may be less willing to buy Netflix stock in two years as media companies such as Disney, Amazon and Apple will look to command a presence in the online streaming business, venture capitalist Gene Munster told CNBC on Thursday. div > > p:first-child”> Movie watchers will likely subscribe to numerous streaming brands, but […]

Netflix says its cash burn will peak this year, then go down

Netflix said its cash burn will peak in 2019 and likely drop off in coming years. div > > p:first-child”> For the fourth quarter, the streaming giant said its free cash flow deficit swelled to $1.32 billion, compared with the deficit of $524 million a year ago. Netflix said that brings its cash burn […]

Netflix says it's more scared of Fortnite and YouTube than Disney and Amazon

Stop it with all the talk about Netflix losing subscribers from the oncoming deluge of streaming services. Netflix says you’re focusing on the wrong thing. div > > p:first-child”> It’s not Disney‘s new streaming video service or HBO or Amazon that Netflix is worried about, the company said today in its letter to shareholders. […]

Netflix says it has 10% of all TV time in the US and discloses some colossal numbers for its shows

Netflix lifted the veil on some of its viewership numbers for top-performing content like “Bird Box.” div > > p:first-child”> Though the company has typically omitted these numbers, it disclosed how some of its shows are performing in its fourth quarter 2018 earnings report Thursday. While the numbers paint a slightly clearer picture of […]