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This video game building course costs only as much as you want it to.
This video game building course costs only as much as you want it to.
Image: pexels

Maybe you’ve already yeehaw-ed your way through 100% completion of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games’ recent western masterpiece; maybe you’ve only seen the in-game screenshots that have been snuck onto r/EarthPorn. Either way, anyone who’s even remotely into gaming knows that RDR2 is unrivaled graphics-wise, which begs an important question: HOW?

Like many other leading gaming companies — Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, to name a couple — Rockstar has made its game engine a proprietary software. (Translation: It isn’t available for us plebian developers to use.) But that doesn’t mean you have to dash your dreams of creating the next RDR2 just yet: There are plenty of game engines out there that are free for anyone to download and use.

One of the most popular options is Unity, a versatile and powerful general-use game engine that’s currently supported on 27 different platforms. Capable of creating both 3D and 2D designs, Unity is fantastic in that it’s got options for developers of all skill levels.

Wanna put your Unity skills on the fast track so you can start bringing your game ideas to life? Simply sign up for the Unity Game Development Bundle, a 37-hour education on the game engine, the price of which you can pick yourself. Here’s how it works: Head over to the Mashable Shop and decide how much you want to spend; you’ll receive lifetime access to the entire bundle if you beat the average price (currently sub-$13). You’ll still get something great even if you pay just $1, but we think you’ll want to shell out a bit more once you see what the bundle contains:

Master Unity Game Development: Ultimate Beginner’s Bootcamp (a $200 value)

Explore the C# (pronounced “C sharp”) programming language as you learn how to use Unity from scratch across 28 lectures and 7 hours of content. By the time you wrap up the course, you’ll have built your own 3D multi-level platformer game and, in turn, mastered concepts like vector math and Object-Oriented Programming.

The Complete HTML5 Mobile Game Development Course (a $199 value)

Next up is a class on the Phaser HTML5 framework and JavaScript technologies, two essential components of the hybrid app development process. You’ll create five mobile games (including a project featuring Super Mario) throughout 10 hours of learning, an education that’ll turn you into a versatile developer who’s capable of making apps for both iOS and Android.

Augmented Reality Game Development (a $199.99 value)

Even beginners can successfully incorporate AR technologies within their games, and this two-hour course will show you how to do so step by step. Its 12-part training session will demonstrate how to use the ARToolkit library in Unity to make your games mind-blowingly immersive.

Learn Unity AI By Making a Tank Game (a $199.99 value)

This 61-lecture class will teach you how to create a 2D navigational maze game in Unity using A* (pronounced “A star”), a popular pathfinding algorithm that’s commonly used to make characters seem more lifelike. Upon completion, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to apply that component of basic AI to other projects you’re working on.

Learn to Code By Building 6 Games In The Unreal Engine (a $199.99 value)

Packed with all sorts of fun projects that’ll teach you practical (read: employable) skills, this bonus class will introduce you to Unreal, another popular game engine. Throughout nine hours of content, you’ll learn how to code in C++ in Unreal to create simple projects from scratch. 

Get the bundle of all five of these courses today simply by beating the average price. Don’t dawdle, though — since this deal has just begun, that average will only go up from here on out.

Image: zenva

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7 Bizarre Dating Shows That Definitely Shouldn't Exist

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Lightsaber dueling is officially a competitive sport in France

The French Fencing Federation has decided to let Jedis shine, and is making the iconic Star Wars-themed battles subject to professional judging. These are the rules: Two fighters duel it out inside a circle marked in tape. A hit to the head or body is five points.

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Sealed Copy of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ sells for over $100,000 in auction

[unable to retrieve full-text content]


It was the first-ever video game to fetch a six-figure mark for a vintage video game sale. Read more…

More about Mashable Video, Super Mario Bros, Video Game Auction Record, Auction Super Mario Bros, and Sealed Copy Super Mario Bros

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Crush Twitter proves that sometimes subtweets can be good

Losing feathers over them” class=”microcontent” data-fragment=”lead-image” data-image=”https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fcard%252Fimage%252F936692%252F0bc108f3-19b8-4e1b-b2d3-76255b1166bd.png%252F950x534__filters%253Aquality%252890%2529.png?signature=U9KwDyHFB0VcoKXtmlCHjzLxIgA=&source=https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com” data-micro=”1″ data-url=”null” src=”https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fcard%252Fimage%252F936692%252F0bc108f3-19b8-4e1b-b2d3-76255b1166bd.png%252F950x534__filters%253Aquality%252890%2529.png?signature=U9KwDyHFB0VcoKXtmlCHjzLxIgA=&source=https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com”>
Subtweeting crushes > Losing feathers over them
Image: bob al-greene / mashable

An Ode to… is a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too.

Twitter is the very definition of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” but breaking the platform down into sections and focusing on your own specific interests makes it significantly more bearable.

People who are passionate about government issues, for example, can follow Politics Twitter. Those looking to promote their businesses in a cheesy fashion can engage with Brand Twitter. And rom-com obsessed hopeless romantics like myself, who aren’t afraid to share their hearts on their timelines, have Crush Twitter. 

Now, when I say Crush Twitter, I’m not referring to some creepy online community dedicated to stalking crushes. Crush Twitter is simply a section of social media where people lightly broadcast their crush-related frustrations, make jokes, and empathize with others who understand first-hand how miserable and magical having a crush can be.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term “crush,” it’s defined as “an intense and usually passing infatuation.” The official definition isn’t technically incorrect, but it’s a painfully simplistic summation that fails to capture all the hidden emotional tolls having a crush can take on a person.

As someone who’s had a fair share of crushes over the years, I can say with absolute ambivalence that the experience is a tantalizing and torturous emotional roller coaster. This is a truth that Crush Twitter understands perfectly.

Wondering whether or not your crush is requited, parsing conversations for subtext, explaining interactions to your friends, and playing an endless loop of potential scenarios in your head are all common parts of a crush. And they’re exhausting, so sometimes releasing a fraction of your frustration — even if it’s by sending a single tweet — can be very therapeutic.

While crush frustration is definitely a go-to topic of discussion on Crush Twitter, the community of brave souls who publicly admit to having crushes also enjoy using humor to make light of relatable crush-related realities, like so.

Crush Twitter knows crushes are fickle, tricky things, too, so sometimes members also check in with each other by asking some deep questions.

And of course, Crush Twitter is the perfect place to turn to for advice when the going gets tough.

The great thing about Crush Twitter is that it’s open to anyone who needs it, and even celebrities, like Mindy Kaling, have made some amazing contributions over the years.

When you think about it, Crush Twitter is essentially comprised of a bunch of subtweets. But they’re not malicious ones.

Since many people keep the identities of their crushes secret — and oftentimes crushes themselves don’t even know they’re crushes — the source of inspiration behind each crush tweet can rarely be traced back to one particular individual. 

While the term “crush” carries so much weight and can easily be used as shorthand to refer to one specific individual in conversation with friends, without any context the word is vague. So rather than serving as obvious, pointed digs designed to call out the object of one’s affection, crush tweets are crafted in such a way that they broadly appeal to anyone who’s ever had a crush.

Even the official Twitter account recognizes Crush Twitter, though they don’t quite get it. On several occasions the account has tried to partake in public crush discussions by prompting users to reveal the names or handles of their crushes. But that’s not Crush Twitter’s style.

Crush Twitter is committed to anonymity, and for  anyone who’s ever had a crush it will serve as a relatable, cathartic, and hilarious online safe haven.

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