Lenovo, Verizon to Reincarnate Motorola Razr as Foldable Smartphone: Report

The Motorola Razr — once the hottest flip phone available — is being revived as a smartphone with a foldable screen, according to The Wall Street Journal. It will be offered exclusively through Verizon in the United States, possibly in February, although the device is still being tested and the launch date is not firm. […]

Court: Cops Can't Compel the Use of Body Parts to Unlock Phones

By John P. Mello Jr. Jan 16, 2019 10:02 AM PT Authorities can’t force people to unlock their biometrically secured phones or other devices, a federal judge in California ruled Thursday. “The Government may not compel or otherwise utilize fingers, thumbs, facial recognition, optical/iris, or any other biometric feature to unlock electronic devices,” Magistrate Judge […]

Blue Collar Linux: Something Borrowed, Something New

Sometimes it takes more than a few tweaks to turn an old-style desktop design into a fresh new Linux distribution. That is the case with the public release of Blue Collar Linux. “The guidance and design were shaped by real people — blue collar people,” Blue Collar developer Steven A. Auringer told LinuxInsider. “Think useful […]

Rumors Roil Ahead of Next Month's Galaxy Unpacked Event

By John P. Mello Jr. Jan 15, 2019 5:00 AM PT Samsung is expected to unveil its new lineup of flagship smartphones on Feb. 20 at a Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, and the rumor mill has been operating on overtime. It’s believed three new Galaxy S10 models will be announced at the event, […]

CES 2019: A Tech Solution for a Standoff

To say I’m typically not a fan of CES would be an understatement, but this year was very different. A combination of better logistics and fewer people at the show (likely tied to the government shutdown and China drama), coupled with some truly earth-shattering content, made CES a must-attend event this year. One of the […]