Kanye West just accidentally revealed his iPhone passcode and it's so bad

Kanye West met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday, and it was a mindblowingly bizarre scene. But perhaps nothing topped the moment Kanye when whipped out his iPhone and we all learned his passcode.

In the middle of an extended filibuster to open the meeting — in which even President Trump was stunned into silence — Kanye took out his iPhone to show President Trump a GIF of a hydrogen-powered plane. But first he entered his passcode in full view of the entire press corps.

Yep, he just entered a whole slew of zeroes.

That’s it. 

That’s all it takes to get into Kanye’s phone. And Twitter noticed.

NFL great and social activist Jim Brown was also in attendance though he didn’t get to talk much between Kanye and Trump, but mostly Kanye who left even Trump impressed with his opening soliloquy. 

And, as the meeting wound down, everyone’s heads spinning, a boisterous Kanye got up and hugged Trump as he heaped more praise upon the president.

What a time to be alive.

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11 of Seth Rogen's funniest moments


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Seth Rogen is a gift from above.

The hilarious actor has been working hard to make us laugh since he was just a teen, and he’s now become one of the top comedic icons in the industry.

Take a look at Seth Rogen’s funniest moments on the internet. They’re guaranteed to make you laugh just as hard as one of his movies.

1. Seductive Seth

This GIF of Rogen looking super seductive became an iconic meme that left supermodels all over the world shook. It comes from a parody of Kanye West’s “Bound 2” that Rogan  and James Franco filmed together called “Bound 3.” 

In “Bound 3,” Seth parodies Kim Kardashian played in the original video, and every time he looks at the camera you can’t help but crack up. Kim K beware, Rogen just might come for your spot next.

2. The way he looks at his wife … and weed

Seth really likes his cannabis. Even his own mother knows how much he likes it. 

But you know what he loves just as much? His wife. The look he gives both of them would make any one out there envious of what he has.

3. The dog that Seth Rogen does not own looks like Peter Dinklage

This is a weird one. Someone’s dog bears an uncanny resemblance to Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage. But someone decided to take this image of the dog and slap Seth Rogen’s Twitter handle and profile picture to the meme with the caption: “Am I really stoned or does my dog actually look like Peter Dinklage.” And funny enough, it still continues to circulate around the internet in this format.

Upon further research, Rogen’s actual dogsadly does not look like the one in the meme, and furthermore he never made a tweet using this meme. But if you put “Seth Rogen” on anything, especially with a caption about being stoned, anyone would believe it came form the man himself.

4. This man who kept taking pictures with Seth Rogen every year

For the past four years, a guy named Ted has been taking a picture with Seth Rogen at the Hilarity for Charity benefit event. What’s really funny about this photo is that Ted always carries the photo from the year before, and does the same pose each time with Rogen.

It’s a pretty strange, but how can Rogen turn down such a dedicated fan? The duo also went pretty viral on Reddit when Ted first posted it on r/Pics in 2017. 

5. Every interaction he’s had with his mother

Ever miss a phone call or two from your mother and got hell for it? Well, what happened to Rogen was that, and so much more. 

Seth’s mom Sandy Rogen decided to take to Twitter when Seth didn’t pick up his phone. When she tweeted asking for the whereabouts of her son, Seth’s response was hilarious and relatable. 

Aside from missing her phone call, almost every interaction that they have on Twitter is comedy gold. 

6. His hot take on Justin Bieber that went viral

When the Biebs was going through his bad boy phase in 2014, Seth Rogen had enough of the pop star’s attitude and behavior. After calling Bieber “a piece of shit” in a tweet, Rogen’s opinion went viral all over Twitter.

After being confronted by multiple media outlets about the comment, Rogen pretty much doubled down. It turns out that both Rogen and Bieber met twice in the past, and both times Bieber’s entitled attitude didn’t sit well with Rogen.

In Rogen’s words during an interview on the Today Show, being a “grown man who doesn’t like Justin Bieber” shouldn’t be something that’s controversial. In fact, he believes it would be weirder if he was an actual Belieber.

7. Urging Donald Trump Jr. to convince his dad to resign

Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa were once guests on Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s show “Potluck Dinner Party.” They all made some delicious fried chicken together, and Martha Stewart talked about how she fed a chicken vodka before she killed it. It was an interesting episode, to say the least.

But what we didn’t see behind the scenes was how the three of these stars bonded backstage. In a candid photo posted on Rogen’s Twitter page in honor of 420, the trio were seen rolling blunt and blazing up.

The caption for the picture is ironically hilarious, and even Snoop Dogg responded in a similar manner. The power of friendship is strong for this trio, and we’re all glad the “found each other” through a common interest.

8. Urging Donald Trump Jr. to convince his dad to resign

No one on Twitter is safe from the wrath of Seth Rogen. In another tweet callout, Rogen noticed that Donald Trump Jr. was following him, and he used it as an opportunity to talk politics with the president’s son.

Rogen told Donald Trump Jr. to ask his dad to “resign before he destroys the planet.” This tweet was made last year in February, so it’s safe to say Jr. never gave his dad the memo. 

9. Hijacking someone’s tinder

Rogen had no problem playing Cupid for Vanity Fair’s “Hijacks a Stranger’s Tinder” series on YouTube. A producer named Sheena was asked to offer her phone up to the comedian, and he went to town trying to find her the perfect match.

Rogen, of course, trolls a bunch of the guys that he matches with, and gets many laughs out of Sheena as she observes. To be fair though, he does have a solid douchebag detector.

10. When he gave us the facts while denouncing white nationalism

As comedian, Rogen is definitely unafraid to tread the territory of dark humor. In a retweet of a story from Raw Story, Rogen cracked a joke about a Rogen doppelgänger that was hospitalized for stab injuries in the feature photo of the piece.

The Rogen lookalike in the photo was actually a bodyguard for a white nationalist who got stabbed nine times at a pro-Trump rally—and he didn’t have insurance either. Thankfully, Rogen came through to clarify that he was safe, and he was “NOT a white nationalist” and he does “have health insurance.”

11. His response when he was accused being a part of the CIA

Apparently Seth Rogen was an important player in a plan created by the CIA, Obama, and Sony that led to “regime change in North Korea.” And it goes without saying Rogen had the best response ever. 

When someone offered to help Rogen sue the site, he turned them down and said he was going to quit being a secret agent instead. 

To be honest, this sounds like the perfect plot for another Rogen blockbuster comedy.

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Image: egen vidoes / susan parker / twitter

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CVS Pharmacy is finally accepting Apple Pay


The checkout line at CVS is about to move a lot more quickly. 

The popular drugstore announced Thursday it’s now accepting Apple Pay at all U.S. locations. The payment system will work at both the pharmacy and regular checkout lines.

CVS had long refrained from adopting Apple Pay since it launched in 2015, but now it seems that three years later, enough has changed to sway the company in the other direction. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in July during a quarterly earnings call that CVS would join its long list of merchants who use Apple Pay.

For years, CVS was a supporter of a major competitor to Apple Pay called Current C, which was created by companies that include Target and Walmart. But the competing platform was riddled with issues from the start, and its reliance on QR codes made it more cumbersome than Apple’s “tap-to-pay” NFC technology. In 2017, JP Morgan bought Current C, effectively killing the platform.

CVS also avoided Apple Pay by encouraging customers to use its own app that included an in-app payment option called CVS Pay. Much like Current C, its own payment method used a QR code generated on a customer’s smartphone.

Rendering of new store with updated logo and graphics

Rendering of new store with updated logo and graphics

Image: CVS

I briefly used Apple Pay at CVS today, and I’m happy to report that it worked flawlessly. I noticed the graphics on the payment processor were updated to include the new payment option, and employees at the story I visited in New Jersey were surprised to see me using it. I told them what I tell everyone: It’s actually super easy to use and my preferred payment method when available.

CVS will join BestBuy, Duane Reade, Kohls, and Staples as some of the large U.S. retailers who accept the payment method. Considering that one of CVS’s biggest rivals — Walgreens — has used Apple Pay for a while, it seems like a smart move for CVS to enable it. 

Though Apple Pay may finally make it easier and quicker to check out, it’s a shame it won’t do anything for those super-long receipts.

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Apple has formed a partnership with lyrics database provider Genius

In context: Apple has been providing song lyrics for Apple Music since iOS 10. It has several data sources from which it retrieves words to songs including in-house human editing and curation.

Today Genius announced that it has partnered with Apple to provide it yet another source for lyrical data. As part of the deal, Apple is allowing Genius to embed Apple Music players into its website and mobile apps.

The player by default will play 30-second clips of songs. However, Apple Music subscribers will be able to login to the Genius app or website with their account credentials to listen to full-length songs on the player.

“Being able to read lyrics and annotations on Genius while you listen along on Apple Music is a dream Genius experience,” said Genius Chief Strategy Officer Ben Gross. “We’re proud to make Apple Music our official music player, and we’re doubly excited to bring Genius lyrics to their amazing platform.”

This is not the first time Genius has joined forces with a streaming music provider. The company currently provides lyrics and trivia to Spotify tracks. Unlike its competitor, Apple feels the trivia is unnecessary and will only be utilizing Genius’ database of songs.

Apple has never advertised its sources for lyrics in the past, and it does not intend to start. Just because the partnership has gone public does not mean that users will begin seeing the Genius logo popping up in the Apple Music app. For current users of Apple’s app, it will be business as usual. For Genius users, they will now see the option to log in to Apple Music.

Genius says that it has the lyrics to “thousands” of songs, but does not specify how many thousands. Apple has a catalog of over 50 million songs. However, 95 percent of its subscribers only listen to a small collection of a few thousand popular tracks. Genius should presumably be able to provide data for a good portion of those.

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Visual overhaul mod for GTA V adds a new level of realism

The big picture: GTA V is more than five years old at this point but with a couple of mods, parts of the game can be made to look nearly indistinguishable from real life. Just imagine what modders will come up with for games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

There’s a new visual overhaul mod out for Grand Theft Auto V that’s designed for both screen archery and gameplay.

PhotoRealistic San Andreas (PRSA) from L00 is described as an all-in-one and sophisticated visual enhancer that’s compatible with all weather and lighting mods. It uses custom shaders to offer natural and realistic visuals. According to the mod’s description, “endless different looks [are] possible using accurate reproduction of cameras, films, colorgrades and postprocessing.”

As someone that isn’t versed in GTA mod culture, I’ll admit that I’m not terribly certain what I’m looking at here. Some of the screenshots are indeed indistinguishable from real life yet others, especially those featuring certain in-game characters, looks decidedly less real.

The same can be said about footage in the accompanying release trailer where the framerates look a little low. Personally, I’d like to see what the mod looks like when walking around during normal gameplay.

If you want to give PRSA a try, head over to the GTA5 Mods page for download and installation instructions.

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iPhones may soon be able to automatically detect spam calls

Mehmet Kalkan via Getty Images

Apple feels your spam call pain. The company apparently filed a patent called “Detection of spoofed call information” that would enable an iPhone to check whether a call is legitimate. If it’s not, the phone would automatically either display a warning to the user or prevent call alerts, such as ringing and vibration. The patent was first spotted by Apple Insider.

How can a phone identify a spam or spoofed call? The patent makes clear that the phone would check against established, legitimate call parameters in order to determine the validity of a call that’s being connected. The phone would analyze the information being send over the call, including network equipment identifiers, server identifiers and more.

Apple isn’t the only handset manufacturer working on this kind of technology. At Google’s event this week, the company introduced a Call Screen feature that utilizes Google Assistant to help weed out spam calls. Additionally, an update to the company’s phone app from earlier this year sends spam calls directly to voicemail.

It’s important to note that Apple files many patents that it doesn’t actually do anything with. But with spam calls on the rise, and people getting more and more frustrated by them (how many of you actually answer phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize anymore?), having a feature like this on the iPhone could be incredibly useful.

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Microsoft pulls 'Minecraft' for Apple TV due to low demand


You probably didn’t have a hankering to build Minecraft worlds on your Apple TV, and Microsoft has quietly acknowledged that reality. The company recently started notifying players that it had stopped updating and supporting the Apple TV version of the game on September 24th in order to “reallocate resources to the platforms that our players use the most.” To phrase it differently, there weren’t enough people playing to justify the investment. The game will continue to work, including Marketplace purchases, but you won’t see new features. It’s not available in the App Store, either.

If you made any Minecraft purchases for Apple TV within 90 days of the original announcement, you can ask for refunds.

It’s somewhat telling that people didn’t even draw attention to Minecraft‘s fate on Apple TV until well after the 24th — you’d have heard about it right away on most other platforms. You can likely attribute it to a combination of the device’s limitations with Microsoft’s priorities. Minecraft effectively required a Bluetooth gamepad, severely restricting the audience — were you going to spend that extra money just so that you could construct towers and fend off Creepers? The Apple TV version was also late to key features like the Realms multiplayer system, making it the last place you’d want to go if you insisted on playing the hottest new content.

It was significant that you could play Minecraft on the Apple TV in the first place. How many other media hubs can play more than just basic games? However, it’s evident that merely having the option wasn’t enough. There needed to be a compelling reason to play on Apple TV instead of a console, phone or PC, and that justification never really materialized.

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‘Fortnite’ Android beta is now open to all

Epic Games

So far, if you’ve wanted to get your hands on the Fortnite Android beta, you’ve had to sign up for an invitation. But Epic Games has now opened the beta up to everyone, no invite required. Epic says it’s best if your device is running Android 8.0 or later, otherwise you’ll likely run into performance issues. As for which phone you’ll need, you can check out a list of supported devices here. It includes Google’s Pixel line, the Essential Phone, the Razer Phone and a number of others. Head here to get access to the beta.

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