Huawei CFO was carrying an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air when she was arrested

US to Germany: if you're friends with Huawei, we can't be friends with you.
US to Germany: if you’re friends with Huawei, we can’t be friends with you.

It’s bad enough Huawei Chief Financial Official Wanzhou Meng, who was arrested last December in Vancouver on charges ranging from fraud to money laundering, faces decades of jail time.

But now, a report from Bloomberg has revealed Meng might be a big fan of Apple products. 

According to the report, a court filing has revealed Meng had her iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air seized by Canadian police at the time of her arrest. Meng also had a Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Edition — the only Huawei product on her — taken as well with the Apple products.

Meng’s lawyers are reportedly requesting a copy of the data stored on the seized devices, and for them to be sealed.

The revelation is somewhat of a blunder for Meng, who is CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei, which makes smartphones, tablets, and laptops — all very good ones — that compete directly with Apple’s. 

Naturally, everyone’s wondering why she’s using Apple products if Huawei’s own devices are supposed to be better, and some have already taken to Twitter with jabs at Huawei’s security:

It may also be the case she was using Apple products to, ahem, study them. After all, you can’t design products in a vacuum. But that seems unlikely — an iPhone 7 Plus is far from a cutting-edge phone in 2019 and neither is a MacBook Air (although, we have no idea which generation she had).

Meng getting caught with Apple products is just the latest in a string of embarrassing moments for Huawei. 

Previously, the company demoted and docked pay from employees after they were caught tweeting a New Year’s message on the company’s Twitter account … from an iPhone. Huawei’s corporate senior vice president and director of the board, Chen Lifang, said “the incident caused damage to the Huawei brand.”

Last year, Huawei was caught passing off photos taken with a DSLR as images from its P9 smartphone camera.

Whether Meng really is a big fan of Apple products is something we may never know, but it’s still crazy to see a Huawei exec caught with so many of a competitor’s products. Maybe next time, she should keep a MateBook X Pro in her bag.

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Beats' spin on the new AirPods could debut in April


Apple at long last has updated its AirPods, and subsidiary Beats may be set to expand its own product lineup with its first true wireless earbuds. CNET reports Beats will announce a fully wireless version of its Powerbeats next month.

They could include the same H1 chip as the latest AirPods and may have handsfree support for Apple’s voice assistant through the “Hey Siri” function. The true wireless Powerbeats may also offer more use out of a single charge than AirPods (which offer about five hours of listening time).

Beats adopted a similar release strategy after Apple announced the first version of AirPods in 2016. Soon after, it revealed several headphones with the same W1 chip as its parent company’s earphones.

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Apple might finally release AirPower soon. No, seriously, here's the evidence.

AirPower was announced in 2017 but still hasn't launched.
AirPower was announced in 2017 but still hasn’t launched.
Image: AFP/Getty Images

Apple made some unusual plays this week. Ahead of Monday’s “it’s show time” event, where the iPhone maker is expected to announce subscription-based video and news services, it hastily unveiled a new iPad mini and iPad Air, iMacs with faster performance, and updated AirPods.

Not a bad way to start spring! But there’s an elephant in the room: Where the hell is AirPower?

As of this writing, it has been 549 days since Apple announced AirPower, its gleaming white mat capable of wirelessly charging an iPhone, AirPods (with wireless charging case), and Apple Watch all at once.

AirPower was unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X — Apple’s first iPhones with built-in wireless charging — and was supposed to usher in a new cable-free lifestyle.

Following three days of “Christmas in March” earlier this week, Apple faithfuls sat on the edge of their seats on Thursday and Friday morning hoping CEO Tim Apple Cook would send a tweet about AirPower. Heck, use the iPad mini photo that launched a million memes for anyone cared. Just tell everyone AirPower is alive and still coming!

But the tweets never came. 

Some people joked on Twitter that maybe Cook overslept:

Others straight up acknowledged reality:

The flurry of Apple product updates ended on hump day and with it all hopes of AirPower emerging this week.

But is AirPower doomed to haunt Apple forever? Will it be the butt of every joke every time Apple announces a hardware update? 

Is AirPower really dead? 

Apple’s removal of all mention of AirPower from its website suggests it wants you to forget AirPower ever existed, but there’s a pile of semi-credible “evidence” that shows the wireless charging mat is still being tested and could even launch by the end of the month. 

AirPower might still be alive and well if these sources are to be believed: 

  • Mar. 19: Code inside of the latest iOS 12.2 beta suggests AirPower almost ready to ship – 9to5Mac

  • Mar. 20: Apple reportedly approved production of AirPower earlier this year – Wall Street Journal

  • Mar. 21: Image of AirPower with iPhone XS and AirPods wireless charging case discovered on Apple’s Australia website – MacRumors

  • Mar. 21: Apple secures AirPower trademark after issues with another company, which filed to trademark the name – MacRumors

  • Mar. 22: AirPower will launch in “late March” as production for key component ramps up – DigiTimes

Though it’s widely believed Apple will not introduce any new hardware at Monday’s content-focused event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, the company could surprise everyone with AirPower as “one more thing” at the end of the keynote.

The “one more thing” phrase was a favorite of Jobs, but Cook has invoked it before. In 2014, he announced the Apple Watch at the end of its packed iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch event.

There’s still a good chance of AirPower making an appearance on Monday. “We’ve been pretty busy already, but we always keep people guessing,” Greg Joswiak, Apple vice president of product marketing, told TIME. Hmm…

It’s been a long and bumpy ride for AirPower — its release reportedly hampered by engineering challenges related to overheating charging plates — but it might finally be ready for launch soon. 

Surely, the release of the wireless charging case for the new AirPods is a hint that the wireless mat is on its way, right? I sure hope so because I’m tired of people asking me when it’s coming out. That, and this beautiful child’s quickly growing into human while we wait for AirPower to crawl towards a release:

At this rate, he’s gonna have coded his own iPhone app before AirPower ever comes out. And, well, that would just be depressing.

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Amazon devices, Apple iPhones, Vera Wang fragrances, Playstation memberships, and more on sale for March 22 in the UK

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A Friday treat.
A Friday treat.
Image: amazon photo composite

We’re ringing in the upcoming weekend with a selection of deals that should put a smile on your face. We have lined up a selection of offers on everything from memory cards to protein powders, plus everything in between. 

We’ve also listed the best priced Amazon devices available right now, including the Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, Amazon Input, and more.

These are the best deals from across the internet for March 22.

Best of the best

Your chance to save on everything from Apple iPhones to stylish desk lamps. We have tracked down the best deals on a massive range of products, including fragrances that would be perfect for Mother’s Day.

Amazon devices

Amazon devices continue to be popular, because they work. We have selected the best devices at the best prices avalable to you.

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What to expect from Apple's March 25 event, from TV shows to news subscriptions


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Apple ordered two seasons of a show executive produced by Reese Witherspoon.
Apple ordered two seasons of a show executive produced by Reese Witherspoon.
Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Apple is rolling out the red carpet for what could be a serious Netflix competitor. 

The iPhone maker will broadcast an event from its Cupertino headquarters at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 25. Rumors have swirled around the tech world for months about Apple beefing up its services business. Here is what to expect. 

Taking on Netflix

It’s widely believed Apple will reveal a Netflix-esque video streaming service. Original video content has not necessarily been Apple’s strong suit over the years, but with big tech competitors like Amazon making moves in the space, Apple is expected to follow suit. 

In case it wasn’t obvious enough already, Apple announced the event by declaring “it’s show time.”

Image: Mashable/Apple

From the look of things, Apple will launch its currently unnamed streaming service with a powerful lineup of celebrity talent. Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan, Kristen Wiig, and Jennifer Aniston were just a few of the names linked to Apple’s service when it was reported early last year.

A few of the celebrities — including Reese Witherspoon and JJ Abrams — were invited to the event, according to Bloomberg. That would make it a much more star-studded affair than the usual Apple event. 

All the news in one place

Of course, video streaming isn’t the only thing Apple is reportedly working on. It sounds like Apple wants to take advantage of the popularity of its Apple News app with a news-focused paid subscription service. Essentially, users could pay a monthly fee to get access to exclusive Apple News content from third-party publishers. Recently, the New York Times reported that the Wall Street Journal would be one of those publishers. 

New iPad Air supports Apple's Pencil.

Image: Apple

The monthly fee could remove paywalls from news outlets that otherwise make you pay for content. Apple boasted back in January that Apple News had 85 million active users, which makes sense considering the app comes pre-installed on Apple devices and is free to use. 

These two services will theoretically live alongside Apple Music, but Apple could bundle all of them together, too. The all-in-one subscription package would be Apple’s answer to Amazon Prime. One big difference is Apple might let people subscribe to just the video streaming service or just the news service if they don’t want the rest. 

It’s not yet clear how much Apple will charge for all of this. CNBC reported last year that Apple would give away its original content for free to Apple device owners. Netflix charges $12.99 per month for its HD package while Prime is $119 per year, so Apple might stick to that price range for its services.

What about hardware?

Just about the only thing Apple fans shouldn’t expect at the event is big hardware announcements. Apple actually got that out of the way a week ahead of time by launching two new iPad models on Monday. The new iPad Air and iPad mini tablets have been upgraded with Apple Pencil support and the same chips that power the iPhone XS and XS Max. 

Image: Apple

Apple also pushed out a much-needed power upgrade for iMacs this week, as well as second-generation AirPods featuring longer talk time, hands-free Siri, and a wireless charging case.

The fact that Apple took care of those launches a week in advance could be a dead giveaway that the Cupertino event will focus on services. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the upcoming Disney streaming service, it will be interesting to see if Apple’s alternative can compete — or if it gets left in the dust.

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