World War I-Era German Submarine Resurfaces From the Sand Near French Coast

UC-61’s remains, seen here in December 2018.Photo: Geert Van Pamel (Wikimedia Commons) The remains of SM UC-61, a World War I German minelaying submarine (also known as a U-boat) is resurfacing on the coast of Wissant near Calais over a century after it was abandoned and scuttled by its 26-sailor crew before they surrendered to the […]

A skeleton's blue teeth represent a 'bombshell' discovery for women's history

Feeling blue? Just read about this ancient medieval woman! By Rachel Kraus2019-01-12 23:05:31 UTC It’s not surprising to learn that women who lived during the Middle Ages didn’t always get the credit they deserved, but tangible proof that further erodes our male-centric view of history is always welcome. A new study asserts that lapis lazuli […]

Egyptian Officials Are Pissed About an Alleged Nude Photoshoot on the Great Pyramid

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Egyptian authorities are not very happy with a video taken by Danish photographer Andreas Hvid, who climbed what appeared to be the Great Pyramid of Giza, took a video of himself and a female friend what was euphemistically termed a “naked embrace,” and then uploaded it to YouTube in the […]

The Biggest Science Stories of 2018

[unable to retrieve full-text content] This year taught us more about distant planets and our own world, about the ways we’re influencing our environment and the ways we’re changing ourselves. A whole lot of stuff happened, and last January seems like it was, well, a year ago. Read more… Link to original source

Gaze Upon the Reconstructed Face of an Infamous 19th Century British Assassin

[unable to retrieve full-text content] One of the most intriguing items on display at the Queen Mary Pathology Museum—the skull belonging to British assassin John Bellingham—has been used to create a digital reconstruction of the killer’s face. Read more… Link to original source