Akai Force is for DJs and producers that want to ditch the laptop

Akai made its name around the early 90s thanks to its line of relatively affordable S-series samplers and the (now legendary) MPC. Since then, the company has continued to release new spins on those mainstays, the latest of which is the all-in-one Force workstation. The idea is clear: To remove the PC from the workflow. […]

Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer review

Minilogue XD Get more info More Scores Engadget Not yet scored   Critic Not yet scored   Users 1 Reviews 3   Key Specs When Korg introduced the Minilogue in 2016 it was a game-changer. It’s a true analog polyphonic synth for around $500, and frankly, there isn’t much else like it on the market. […]

Korg introduces Volca Modular and Volca Drum synths

Korg’s popular Volca line is getting larger and weirder with two additions: Modular and Drum. The affordable and portable line of battery powered synths has covered a lot of ground since first being introduced in 2013. There’s a drum machine, a pair of analog synths, an FM-flavored love letter to the ’80s, a mixer and […]

A skeleton's blue teeth represent a 'bombshell' discovery for women's history

Feeling blue? Just read about this ancient medieval woman! By Rachel Kraus2019-01-12 23:05:31 UTC It’s not surprising to learn that women who lived during the Middle Ages didn’t always get the credit they deserved, but tangible proof that further erodes our male-centric view of history is always welcome. A new study asserts that lapis lazuli […]

The Morning After: Best of CES / Want to see a Starship?

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We’re preparing to wrap things up in Las Vegas and head home after a long week at CES. Before we go, we’ll leave you with the Best of CES and a few more things we saw on the show floor. Congratulations to all our winners! Congratulations to all!Here are […]