Remedy's creepy 'Control' arrives August 27th

Remedy Entertainment / 505 Games

Alan Wake and Max Payne studio Remedy Entertainment has revealed when its latest game, the mysterious, atmospheric Control, will arrive. It’ll land on PS4, Xbox One and PC (through the Epic Games Store) August 27th.

In the eye-catching Control, you’ll take on the guise of Jesse Faden, the head of the Federal Bureau of Control, a secretive government agency that researches supernatural phenomena. You’ll have to combat an otherworldly force called The Hiss that possesses FBC agents and turns them against you and/or suspends them in the air. The FBC’s headquarters is called The Oldest House, a constantly changing, puzzle box building in which the whole game takes place.

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GM investing $300 million to build a new electric Chevy in the US

GM announced Friday it will invest $300 million into a Michigan factory to produce a new Chevrolet electric vehicle, reversing a decision to build the EV outside of the United States. The announcement comes on the heels of recent job cuts and plant closures by GM, moves that have complicated bargaining with union workers over a new four-year contract and has sparked intense criticism from President Donald Trump over a decision to end production at a factory in Lordstown, Ohio.

The automaker’s investment into its Orion Township, Mich. assembly plant — the same facility that produces the all-electric Chevy Bolt — will add 400 new jobs. Orion Assembly, which employs about 880 hourly and 130 salaried employees, also produces the Chevrolet Sonic and the Cruise AV test vehicles.

GM isn’t revealing details about what the new electric vehicle will look like, cost or any of its performance metrics. It will be designed and engineered off an advanced version of the Bolt EV architecture, the company said. Additional product information and timing for the new Chevrolet EV will be released closer to production.

This new Chevy EV is a separate effort within the company’s newly announced plans to turn Cadillac into an electric brand. Cadillac will be the first brand to get vehicles off a future EV platform, GM said.

GM says its decision to produce the EV in the U.S. was driven by rules of origin provisions in the proposed United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement and because the new EV will be based off an advanced version of the Bolt’s architecture, which is made at Orion.

The announcement comes as GM makes adjustments to where it allocates resources in an effort to cut costs in certain areas and shift funds toward other programs.

GM has been undergoing a transformation over the past four to five years, getting rid of expensive, money-losing programs like the Opel brand in Europe, and investing more into electrification and autonomous vehicle technology. It has also warned repeatedly of a coming downturn in the traditional automotive business.

In November, GM ramped up its belt-tightening measures with cuts to thousands of factory and white-collar workers, plant closures in North America and the elimination of several car models as it tries to transform into a nimble company focused on high-margin SUVs, crossovers and trucks, and investments in future products like electric and autonomous vehicles.

In addition to layoffs, GM’s unallocated plants have impacted some 2,800 U.S. hourly employees. GM emphasized Friday that the company has job openings at several other U.S. manufacturing plants for U.S. hourly employees impacted by the recent announcement of unallocated plants. Other GM manufacturing plants adding jobs include Flint, Mich.; Spring Hill, Tenn.; Bowling Green, Ky.; Arlington, Texas; and Toledo, Ohio.

GM confirmed it has 2,700 openings across its U.S. manufacturing plants. To date, 1,100 employees have been placed at other GM plants, with several hundred more in the process of being placed in new jobs. In addition, 1,200 of these employees are retirement-eligible.

The automaker also plans to add 1,000 jobs at the Flint Truck Assembly Plant.

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Scream your head off to survive in 'Supermarket Shriek'

Billygoat Games

Getting through the grocery store with your sanity intact can be tough — what with the legions of shelf stockers, geriatric Rascal riders and bawling basket babies blocking you at seemingly every aisle. But that’s a walk in the park compared to the challenges you’ll face in Supermarket Shriek by UK-based studio, BillyGoat Entertainment.

The premise of the game is simple. You’re a man, stuck in a shopping cart, with a goat. Firmly wedged into the lorry, your only means of mobility is your shrieks of terror propelling you through maze-like markets riddled with boobie traps. With 30 levels available at launch later this summer, that adds up to a lot of hollering.

The controls are delightfully straightforward. In single-player mode, you can control the man and the goat independently using the left and right triggers — having one yell turns you left, having the other yell turns you right, have them scream simultaneously to move forward. There is no reverse.

But, like most games, Supermarket Shriek even better with a friend. Plug a microphone into each of your XBox or Playstation controllers and have each person start yelling. The louder you are, the harder you turn and the faster you go. The effect is similar to the classic NES game, Marble Madness, but each person has control of just half the avatar’s movement. It’s a challenge, and be sure to keep plenty of lozenges on hand.

It becomes even more challenging when you begin to encounter the various obstacles littered around each level. From giant guillotine blades to water hazards, flame pits, and springboards, there are more than enough ways for you to fail at every turn. However if you can complete the level quickly enough, you’ll earn 3 Stars (like Angry Birds) and unlock the ghost racer of whoever is currently sitting atop to global leaderboards, allowing you to rerace levels against the best screamers on the planet.

Supermarket Shriek is slated for release on the Xbox, Playstation and Switch later this summer. It’s expected to retail for around $10-15.

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Sony will stream a PlayStation news event on March 25th


After declining to run PlayStation Experience last year and pulling out of this year’s E3, Sony is turning to a different strategy for game announcements and updates. On March 25th, its State of Play streams will debut on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Facebook at 5PM ET.

The first episode will include game reveals, trailers and gameplay footage for PS4 and PS VR, while there will be more State of Play streams throughout the year. Sony is fairly obviously taking a page out of a rival’s playbook here. Nintendo doesn’t hold press conferences at E3 either, instead opting to make announcements throughout the year via Nintendo Direct streams.

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'Battlefield V' gameplay trailer shows its take on battle royale


In the wake of seemingly endless teases and leaks, DICE and EA are ready to show gameplay from Battlefield V‘s imminent Firestorm battle royale mode. True to the scoops, it’s not quite a cookie-cutter BR experience. While you’ll have familiar mechanics like dropping into the arena, an ever shrinking circle and varying gear quality, you can also complete objectives (such as contestable resupply points) and unlock safes to score better equipment. Get knocked down and you’ll still have a pistol to defend yourself, so enemies take a risk if they come to finish you off.

And if you like vehicles, it’s your lucky day — the developers clearly want your choice of ride to play a greater role. You’ll find 17 vehicles in total, including tanks (usually only found in special vehicle lockups), a prototype-only helicopter, an amphibious Schwimmwagen (above) and, yes, a tractor. You can even tow anti-aircraft or anti-tank guns for some extra support.

As hinted earlier, there’s just one Firestorm map on offer so far (Halvøy), but it’s about ten times the size of the already large Hamana map in regular BFV.

Firestorm should be available to everyone for free on March 25th. It looks promising, although the challenge as always will be to convince gamers to give it a try. Between Fortnite, PUBG, Black Ops 4 and EA’s own Apex Legends, battle royale has a well-established audience. It’s not certain how well this lure gamers, especially when it’s part of a paid game in a mostly free-to-play market.

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