Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot was my CES road trip companion

I love a good road trip. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of miles in cars during my life, and the best times were when I knew it would be hours or even days before I reached my destination. Typically a friend (or friends) or family members would accompany me, but on a few occasions, it […]

OMRON's redesigned ping pong robot no longer holds back

OMRON is best known for its healthcare products like thermometers and blood pressure monitors — now in the form of a smartwatch, even. But those who have been following our CEATEC coverage over the past five years may remember the company’s ambitious exhibit: the Forpheus table tennis robot. Little did I know that I would […]

Tech and tariffs in Sin City

Last week, tens of thousands of people flowed through a congested walkway on their way to see the latest and greatest tech at the Consumer Electronics Show. In years past, this hallway, which connects the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center to the South Hall, was generally free of any displays, with just […]

After Math: How we survived CES 2019

Wil Lipman Photography for Engadget As cleanup crews descend on the Las Vegas Convention Center and the events attendees reluctantly make their ways home, it’s hard to believe that the weeklong technology expo is already over. We saw autonomous bread machines, self-driving semis, and even self-heating razors amidst the gaggle of cutting edge gadgets. Here […]

All the laptops that came out at CES 2019

With the latest release of NVIDIA’s RTX ray-tracing laptop chips, any manufacturer can make a fast and lightweight laptop. To stand out now, you need to try something new, so this year at CES 2019, the focus was on displays and eccentric designs. Dell and HP showed that the future of gaming and multimedia laptop […]