The Weather Channel previews ice storm in scary immersive mixed reality

By Chloe Bryan2019-01-18 22:51:18 UTC [embedded content] Let Jim Cantore scare you into staying inside this weekend. The Weather Channel meteorologist stars in a new video previewing this weekend’s winter storm, which is set to strike the Midwest and Northeast. Like the network’s previous videos about storm surges and wildfires, the segment utilizes immersive mixed […]

The U.S. Government Was Supposed to Tell Us How Hot 2018 Was Today, But, the Shutdown

People cooling off in Madrid Rio park in Madrid during an August heat wave.Photo: AP If you’re wondering exactly how warm it was in 2018, you may have to wait for the U.S. government to start functioning again. Every year around this time, NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) release their annual checkup […]

Gaze Into the Giant Storm Swirling Over the Pacific Ocean

Image: Colorado State University Forget Bad Winter, a season of Boring Winter is upon us. At least, if you live in the Northeast U.S. Head on over to the North Pacific, and it’s a different story. There, a massive winter storm is churning that’s been perfectly captured by not one but two satellites. Despite its […]

The U.S. Government Shutdown Is Screwing Up the World's Biggest Weather Conference

Image: NOAA The American Meteorological Society (AMS) will host the largest annual gathering of the world’s largest weather nerds this weekend. But a key group of constituents will be notably absent. The shutdown over Trump’s border wall means federal scientists have had to cancel their trips to this year’s confab in Phoenix, and their absence […]

A Major TV Network Managed to Cover Climate Change for an Hour Without Devolving Into a Shitshow

Screenshot: NBC On the last Sunday of 2018, Meet the Press, NBC’s hour-long Sunday morning news show, did something unprecedented. It devoted an entire hour to discussing climate change and featured actual policymakers and researchers with nary a denier in sight. Ironically, the episode also inadvertently shined a spotlight on how terrible TV news is […]