A tennis match ran until after 3 a.m., and you have to admire these sleepy fans

Some people slept away during the latest start to a Australian Open match ever.Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images By Johnny Lieu2019-01-18 05:47:24 UTC The last time you were up past 3 a.m. was probably thanks to a big night out. Or binge-watching something on TV, we get it. But spare a thought for these tennis fans, […]

Someone turned Cardi B's government shutdown rant into a song and it slaps

By Morgan Sung2019-01-18 01:33:46 UTC Honestly, blast this song until the government shutdown ends.  Cardi B’s viral Instagram rant about the government shutdown is a song now, and it’s an absolute banger.  In the original video, which was been retweeted by stans and lawmakers alike, the rapper angrily complains about how ridiculous it is that […]

Eggs are taking over TikTok, thanks to the world record egg

By Morgan Sung2019-01-17 23:32:51 UTC TikTok users are having an eggcellent time.  Since a photo of a normal, everyday egg broke Kylie Jenner’s world record for the most liked photo on Instagram, the Youths have been obsessed with eggs.  TikTok users are coming up with eggstraordinarily creative videos in honor of the simple brown egg […]

Mailman has heartwarming interaction trying to combat package thieves

By Sage Anderson2019-01-17 19:29:49 UTC [embedded content] For every video of a mailperson chucking a package at someone’s front door with reckless abandon, there’s one of them saving the day. Captured on a Ring video doorbell, this video shows a USPS worker asking a home owner, who was away from the house at the time, […]

Pornhub reports bump in traffic amid government shutdown

Everyone is feeling the effects of the government shutdown, even online porn.Image: Pornhub By Marcus Gilmer2019-01-17 16:34:19 UTC The federal government has been shut down for nearly a month. So how are furloughed workers spending their free time?  Many are, of course, dealing with the very serious consequences of going without pay for an extended […]