AWS launches Backup, a fully-managed backup service for AWS

Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service today launched Backup, a new tool that makes it easier for developers on the platform to back up their data from various AWS services and their on-premises apps. Out of the box, the service, which is now available to all developers, lets you set up backup policies for services like Amazon EBS […]

Germany may order Facebook to stop collecting some user data

Sean Gallup/Getty Images Germany’s efforts to regulate Facebook’s practices might just escalate in the near future. Bild am Sonntag sources claim the country’s Federal Cartel Office will order Facebook to stop collecting some user data. It’s chiefly concerned with how the social network shares data with apps and sites outside of Facebook proper, including its […]

It's way too easy for bounty hunters to get your phone location data

AP Photo/Seth Wenig Wireless carriers are supposed to keep a tight leash on your location information, but that’s not the case in practice. Motherboard has learned that network location data is reaching bounty hunters and others who aren’t supposed to have it. Effectively, it’s the result of a flawed data chain. Carriers like AT&T, Sprint […]

Lawsuit Accuses Weather Channel App of Misleading Users and Profiting From Their Location Data

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, at podium, speaks at a news conference in Los Angeles Friday, Jan. 4, 2019.Photo: Brian Melley (AP) More than a couple weather apps have recently come under fire for their handling of user data, either by collecting too much or allegedly tracking users without their permission. Now, the maker […]

Yet Another Weather App Accused of Collecting Too Much User Data

Image: Pixabay As data breaches and privacy concerns become a frighteningly common feature of our digital world, it’s increasingly important that we think critically about the kinds of apps with which we share our information. A new report from the Wall Street Journal finds that a popular weather app has been asking users for an […]