Marco Rubio proposes a totally uninspiring data privacy bill

ASSOCIATED PRESS Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced Wednesday a new privacy bill aimed at protecting personal data of American consumers from being sucked up indiscriminately by tech giants, according to Axios. The American Data Dissemination Act would ask the Federal Trade Commission to recommend potential rules and regulations that Congress would finalize. The rules created […]

A federal privacy draft bill could arrive in early 2019

A federal privacy bill draft may arrive early next year, which could pave the way for a US version of the European Union’s strict General Data Protection Regulation rules. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal is working with Republican Jerry Moran (who is chairman of the consumer protection, product safety, insurance and data security subcommittee) on a […]

An early test of the GDPR: taking on data brokers

SOPA Images via Getty Images Major data brokers Acxiom and Oracle are among seven companies accused of violating GDPR laws on personal information privacy. Advocates hope the complaints will shed light on the opaque ways that personal data is traded through third parties online both in the EU and the US. The General Data Protection […]

Senator Wyden wants to jail execs who don't protect consumer data

Associated Press Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) released a draft the Consumer Data Protection Act, which would create new protections for consumer information and strict punishments for those found to be abusing user data. The proposed bill would send senior executives to jail for 10 to 20 years if they fail to follow the guidelines for […]

Who controls your data?

The average American, one study tell us, touches their phone 2,600 times per day. By the end of a given year, that’s nearly a million touches, rising to two million if you’re a power user. Each one of those taps, swipes and pulls is a potential proxy for our most intimate behaviors. Our phones are […]