ZTE makes 5G call on prototype smartphone and end-to-end kit

ZTE has teamed up with China Unicom to complete a 5G call on a prototype 5G smartphone, as well as making a WeChat group voice call and browsing the web on the device. The pair touted the test occurring three months after the release of the 3GPP Rel-15 specification, and used ZTE kit throughout the […]

We've only just begun to capitalize on enterprise APIs

Where would we be without APIs?  For starters, we probably wouldn’t have the iPhones or Android-based phones that are part of our daily routines today. Their features were created by developers and engineers with access to APIs, only a couple of examples of the innovation made possible.  Photo: Joe McKendrick Organizations have only just begun […]

Naver adds Korean honorific feature to its Papago AI translation app

Naver has added a Korean honorific feature to its translation app to allow foreigners to communicate more accurately in South Korea, the company has announced. Users of Papago can now turn on or off the honorific mode that will be at the bottom of the app after they perform a English translation. The Korean language […]

Seoul and SK Telecom to use 5G to prevent jaywalking

Seoul and SK Telecom plan to develop “cooperative-intelligent transport systems” that will utilise 5G and car telecommunication to increase safety, they announced. They will install 5G and sensors at major roads in South Korea’s capital. They will also supply 5G Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) handsets to 2,000 buses, taxis, and traffic lights. The handsets will be co-developed by […]

NHL teams up with SAP, Apple to build coaching app

National Hockey League coaches will soon have new data-driven resources at their fingertips during games, thanks to the NHL’s partnership with SAP and Apple. The league announced Thursday that after the All-Star break, it plans to roll out a new Coaching Insights App that provides real-time, customizable data and player statistics. The app leverages the […]