Bitcoin Cash has failed to make use of its 8MB block size, analysts say

In 2017, a veritable civil war was fought between camps of Bitcoin believers: those who sought to keep its “block size” at 1MB, and those who wanted to increase it. Those looking for bigger blocks found themselves rallying behind a then-new cryptocurrency – a “hard fork” of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – whose premise rested […]

Cryptocurrency mining malware has become self-aware (kinda)

A common form of cryptocurrency mining malware has evolved and is now able to switch off security services to continue mining without being detected. Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 discovered that the malware used by cryptojacking group “Rocke” is able to gain administrative privileges to Linux-based cloud servers and uninstall vital security […]

Bitcoin theft victim sues AT&T for $224M after SIM-swap bungle

Nicolas Truglia, the infamous cryptocurrency con-man already arrested for stealing $1 million in digital assets, is now being sued for a further $81 million by another one of his victims. Court documents allege Truglia worked with a crew of 25 unnamed individuals to steal $24 million in cryptocurrency from Michael Terpin, an early Bitcoin BTC investor, […]

US academics say their shardy blockchain will be 10X faster than Visa

US academics are working together to create a new and improved cryptocurrency in a bid to rival Bitcoin. According to Bloomberg, professors from seven US colleges (including MIT, University of California, Standford University, and Berkely) are looking to create a digital currency capable of processing thousands of transactions a second without sacrificing the basic principle […]

Bitcoin ransomers arrested for kidnapping in South Africa

Police in Mpumalanga, South Africa, have arrested two suspects who demanded a Bitcoin BTC ransom following the kidnapping of a teenage boy and the attempted kidnapping of a 13 year-old girl. The kidnappers demanded just over $100,000 (1.5 million rand) worth of Bitcoin in exchange for the safe return of the teenage boy who was […]