AI is better at bluffing than professional gamblers

Kirillm via Getty Images The act of gambling on games of chance has been around as long as the games themselves. For as long as there’s been money to be made wagering on the uncertain outcomes of these events, bettors have been leveraging mathematics to give them an edge on the house. As gaming has […]

How open source software took over the world

Mike Volpi Contributor Mike Volpi is a general partner at Index Ventures. Before co-founding the firm’s San Francisco office with Danny Rimer, Volpi served as the chief strategy officer at Cisco Systems. It was just 5 years ago that there was an ample dose of skepticism from investors about the viability of open source as a business […]

Why Experts Are Skeptical of IBM's New Commercial Quantum Computer

A dramatic rendering of IBM Q System OneIllustration: IBM Research (Flickr) IBM has announced the release of Q System One, or as the IBM team described it, “the world’s first fully integrated universal quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use.” The IBM announcement comes with a lot of pictures of a very beautiful-looking […]

IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer

At CES, IBM today announced its first commercial quantum computer for use outside of the lab. The 20-qubit system combines the quantum and classical computing parts it takes to use a machine like this for research and business applications into a single package. That package, the IBM Q system, is still huge, of course, but […]

IBM's latest quantum computer is a 20-qubit work of art

Last year, IBM hauled a 50-qubit quantum computer to CES. Or, rather, it brought the eye-catching bits — an intricate collection of tubes and wires that resembled a steampunk chandelier — and left the more cumbersome cooling and power-management parts at home. The complete system, housed at a research lab in Yorktown Heights, New York, […]