Syfy's Deadly Class Is More Awkward Than Cool

Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus in Deadly Class.Photo: Allen Fraser (Syfy) io9 ReviewsReviews and critical analyses of fan-favorite movies, TV shows, comics, books, and more.   Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a movie that feels like a living comic book. It works not only because of how it uses its source material, but how it shifts away […]

The Heroes of This Week's Best New Comics Are Complicated Dads

Atomic Robo mentoring a young robot friend.Image: Scott Wegener, Shannon Murphy (IDW Publishing) Whether you’re a sentient, technologically-advanced robot designed by Nikola Tesla or a street-level criminal with a knack for getting thrown in the pokey, raising children is a difficult task. And while it can be rewarding, it’s much more often an emotionally and […]

Deadly Class, and the Powers and Limitations of a One Man Show

María Gabriela de Faria as Maria on Syfy’s Deadly Class.Photo: Allen Fraser (Syfy) There’s one thing that’s clear from visiting the set of Syfy’s new comic book series, Deadly Class: This is Rick Remender’s show. The creator of the Deadly Class graphic novel series isn’t on the sidelines for the adaptation of his 2014 Image […]

Santa Puts Asgard to Shame and Technology Rules the World in This Week's Best New Comics

Amanda McKee reflecting on her life.Image: Raúl Allén, Patricia Martín (Valiant) This week’s best new comics are all about two of the biggest things on people’s minds around this time of year: Santa Claus, and the inescapable effects of being increasingly connected to our digital devices. At what point do you think Santa’s elves all […]