773 million email addresses have been leaked – check if yours is on the list

Credit: Wikimedia Commons We’re just over two weeks into 2019, and one of the biggest data leaks in recent years has surfaced. Today, renowned security researcher Troy Hunt reported a massive leak consisting of  773 million unique email IDs and 21 million unique passwords, which he refers to as Collection #1.  Hunt said that multiple people reached […]

Motorola might bring the sexy back with a foldable Razr phone this February

Remember the Moto Razr? The iconic flip phone, which was released first in 2004, defined ‘sexy’ in the gadget world well before the iPhone was a thing. Now, according to a report from Wall Street Journal, Motorola is planning to bring it back in a new foldable avatar. Just know that you might have to […]

Windows 10’s search bar and Cortana split up on good terms

Since Windows 10’s inception Cortana has been directly integrated into the search bar. The idea was that it would make it easier for people to find answers in one place, whether through text search or voice queries. But now it seems the company has decided the tools are better off on their own. Microsoft has […]

After four years, Microsoft may unveil HoloLens 2 next month

Mobile World Congress – the world’s biggest expo focused on smartphones and mobile devices – starts February 24, and it seems Microsoft has big plans in store. If the speakers on the invite are any indication, the company could be gearing up to reveal the next version of HoloLens. Specifically, the invite mentions Alex Kipman, […]

India’s space agency is aiming to create world’s first rocket with two reusable stages

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has gained accolades for its multiple successful launches of reusable rockets. Now, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), wants to take this idea a step further and create the first rocket that has two reusable stages. According to a report from Times of India, ISRO is going to conduct advanced tests of this technology in […]