Metal Gear 2 Retrospective: The World Spins Without Snake

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake’s defining attribute is texture. Metal Gear shaped an initial world, and Metal Gear 2 embellishes on that world by adding frictions that complicate the player’s previous relationship with the series. The results are often inconsistent; Metal Gear 2 is a game with a reach that exceeds its grasp but, also, […]

Rockstar Outlines How It Plans To Fix Some Of Red Dead Online’s Problems

Red Dead Online didn’t have a great launch. The multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 was made available to players last year in late November via a staggered release window. Once players had access to RDO, they found overpriced guns, a broken economy, and a lack of content. Some player also encountered griefers and […]

The Slightly Sketchy 1990s 'Computer Fairs,' A Major Part Of My Gaming History

Shareware disks with mods for Wolfenstein 3D.Photo: Chris Kohler (Kotaku) If you asked me to list some of the games I bought or played in 1994, I’d probably start off with Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy III, and it would likely take me a long time before I ever mentioned Barneystein 3D. But it […]

What Is This, A Platformer For Ants?

Between mobile phones and handheld consoles from the Game Boy to the Nintendo Switch, most of us have played games on small screens. Heck, I’ve featured incredibly small games on this site before. But Lilli, by Eric V. Bailey, might be the tiniest damn game I’ve ever played. It’s 64 by 64 pixels big, and […]

Overwatch Fan's Letter To Jeff Kaplan About Black Women Gets Heartfelt Response

Screenshot: Overwatch (Blizzard) In March 2017, an Overwatch fan wrote to Jeff Kaplan about the lack of black female characters in the game. To her surprise, he wrote back a few months later, saying he hoped that one day diversity would be the norm and promising that there were multiple black characters in the works. […]