Trump’s media bias poll might be the most biased thing I’ve read in 2019

President Trump continues to fire shots at the press, claiming biased coverage, misrepresented facts, and sometimes entirely made-up stories. In what can only be described as a war on traditional media, Trump continued his assault with a poll on media bias that, ironically, might be the most biased line of questioning this reporter has ever […]

Gillette triggers Twitter’s right-wing elite with ‘toxic masculinity’ ad

Gillette, a company that sells razors, triggered a slew of right wing celebrities on social media yesterday with an advertisement featuring a new take on its old “the best a man can get” slogan. The video in question is nearly two minutes long and serves as a vehicle to call out toxic masculinity. It depicts […]

After Math: How we survived CES 2019

Wil Lipman Photography for Engadget As cleanup crews descend on the Las Vegas Convention Center and the events attendees reluctantly make their ways home, it’s hard to believe that the weeklong technology expo is already over. We saw autonomous bread machines, self-driving semis, and even self-heating razors amidst the gaggle of cutting edge gadgets. Here […]

Our dystopian cyberpunk here and now

We in the West love our apocalyptic science fiction, in which cartoonishly evil authorities ruthlessly oppress all who so much as wonder about its absolute power, enforced via ubiquitous surveillance technology. Think The Hunger Games, Blade Runner 2049, V for Vendetta, just to pick a few. Well — to trot out that infamous William Gibson […]

The Morning After: Best of CES / Want to see a Starship?

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We’re preparing to wrap things up in Las Vegas and head home after a long week at CES. Before we go, we’ll leave you with the Best of CES and a few more things we saw on the show floor. Congratulations to all our winners! Congratulations to all!Here are […]