Gaze Into the Giant Storm Swirling Over the Pacific Ocean

Image: Colorado State University Forget Bad Winter, a season of Boring Winter is upon us. At least, if you live in the Northeast U.S. Head on over to the North Pacific, and it’s a different story. There, a massive winter storm is churning that’s been perfectly captured by not one but two satellites. Despite its […]

FCC Fines Swarm Technologies $900,000 for Launching Illegal Satellites Into Orbit

Image: Johnson Space Center (NASA) As it turns out, if the U.S. Federal Communications Commission asks you not to do something, you should probably not do that thing—particularly when it comes to launching to unapproved satellites into orbit. This is the lesson currently faced by Swarm Technologies, a startup being fined $900,000 by the FCC […]

FCC fines Swarm Technologies $900K over unauthorized satellite launch

Back in March came the surprising news that a satellite communications company still more or less in stealth mode had launched several tiny craft into orbit — against the explicit instructions of the FCC. The company, Swarm Technologies, now faces a $900,000 penalty from the agency, as well as extra oversight of its continuing operations. […]

This New NASA Mission Will Create an Unprecedented, 3D Map of Earth's Forests

The secret to stabilizing Earth’s climate could rest in the world’s forests. That’s why, this week, a team of researchers is sending a high-tech reconnaissance operative to the International Space Station to figure out how much carbon is stored in our planet’s trees. Tucked inside the next SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, and armed only with a […]

AWS launches a base station for satellites as a service

Today at AWS Re:invent in Las Vegas, AWS announced a new service for satellite providers with the launch of AWS Ground Station, the first fully-managed ground station as a service. With this new service, AWS will provide ground antennas through their existing network of worldwide availability zones, as well as data processing services to simplify […]