Gaze Into the Giant Storm Swirling Over the Pacific Ocean

Image: Colorado State University Forget Bad Winter, a season of Boring Winter is upon us. At least, if you live in the Northeast U.S. Head on over to the North Pacific, and it’s a different story. There, a massive winter storm is churning that’s been perfectly captured by not one but two satellites. Despite its […]

Photos of Hurricane Florence from space are truly scary to behold

Hurricane Florence churns through the Atlantic.Image: NOAA via Getty Images By Chloe Bryan2018-09-12 15:20:22 UTC Hurricane Florence is poised to hit the mid-Atlantic coast and the Carolinas this week, and satellite images of the storm are nothing short of terrifying. Astronauts at the International Space Station, for example, struggled to fit the enormous storm into […]

Wildfire smoke engulfing a storm in the Atlantic is an ideal metaphor for 2018

Subtropical storm Ernesto engulfed by wildfire smoke on August 16.Image: Colorado State University/RAMMB / CIRA By Mark Kaufman2018-08-16 16:22:48 UTC Smoke produced by fires thousands of miles away is now choking a storm swirling in the Atlantic Ocean. Welcome to weather in 2018. Thursday morning, Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman found that smoke from California […]