Too lazy to get groceries? This self-driving car will bring a tiny supermarket to you.

It’s your friendly neighborhood grocery store — on wheels.Image: robomart By Sasha Lekach2019-01-18 00:11:49 UTC We’re delivery obsessed. It’s OK, we can admit it.  Between Amazon Prime, Postmates, Grubhub, Uber Eats, on-campus “snackbots,” and all the self-driving grocery delivery vans bringing us pizza, Walmart orders, and more, you rarely have to go to the store. […]

How Lyft envisions bringing VR and AR to your ride

Lyft is exploring ways to integrate virtual reality and augmented reality into your Lyft rides, according to a couple of patent applications TechCrunch came across today. The first, filed in July 2017, is for “providing a virtual reality transportation experience” that would respond to real-world forces and events that happen during your ride, like sudden […]

John Deere wants to remind the world that it’s a tech company

John Deere has been to CES before. The company known for its dark green tractors with the yellow deer on them has rubbed shoulders with the smart TVs, smart light bulbs, smart cars, smart switches and smart toothbrushes for years. But 2019 was a bit different. Gallery: John Deere | 9 Photos 9 +5 “We […]

BMW launches a performance Series-7 PHEV

BMW BMW has launched its 2020 7-series sedans, and controversy about the ginormous grill aside, they’re some of the company’s highest-tech models yet. The 740e xDrive has a plug-in hybrid 389 HP V6 with a 12.0 kWh battery that should allow for some grocery-getting purely on electrons (BMW hasn’t released range figures yet). That combo […]

Tesla's referral perks are going away

Tesla Tesla is ending its customer referrals scheme that gives free electric charging to its EV buyers, among other perks. In a tweet, Elon Musk announced the program will end on February 1st, stating in a subsequent reply that it’s “adding too much cost to the cars, especially Model 3.” Asked if Tesla was replacing […]